1Z0-1045-22: Get Better about the Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud 2022 Exam Preparation with Practice Tests

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Acing the 1Z0-1045-22 exam depends on your preparation level, and when you solve syllabus-oriented practice tests, it gets better.

Overview of the 1Z0-1045-22 Certification Exam:

1Z0-1045-22 or the Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud 2022 Certified Implementation Professional certification is all about showcasing the needed knowledge to set up Parent-Child Company Hierarchy, Inbound Process, Manage Inventory and Execute Outbound Orders.

What Do You Learn through the 1Z0-1045-22 Certification Preparation?

Candidates who earn the 1Z0-1045-22 certification can receive by Loads and Shipments, create and check-in Appointments, Wave Planning, Packing, Perform Picking, Put away, Replenishment, Cycle Count, and create Web reports.

The 1Z0-1045-22 exam is a multiple-choice exam with 56 questions, and you must obtain a 68% mark to pass the exam. Passing the exam earns you the Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud 2022 Certified Implementation Professional (OCP) certification.

How to Complete the 1Z0-1045-22 Exam Preparation?

Learn about the 1Z0-1045-22 Exam Structure:

Before you jump into the 1Z0-1045-22 exam preparation, getting clarity regarding the exam structure could be of great help. The preparation process for preparing a multiple-choice exam needs much more effort. Therefore, explore more on the exam pattern at the beginning of your preparation.

Register at the Beginning for A Serious Study Approach:

Pearson Vue covers the exam, so register at the beginning and start preparing to ace it on the first attempt. Once you register for the 1Z0-1045-22 exam, the study approach and seriousness grow with it. Knowing the exam date helps you calculate the total time easily, and planning for the exam becomes easy.

Find the Strategy to Cover the Entire 1Z0-1045-22 Syllabus:

If the weightage of the syllabus domains is mentioned, it becomes easy to focus on some particular syllabus topics. Oracle exams don’t mention any syllabus percentage on the 1Z0-1045-22 topics; therefore, skipping any syllabus section becomes quite tricky. You must set the target and what areas of the syllabus you want to cover on a particular day. If you make a chart and keep track of your preparation, that helps in the long run.

It is a basic thing that you might find some of the topic areas to be difficult, but that should not refrain you from learning the basics from those domains. If you possess strong knowledge regarding the syllabus domains, chances are high; you can attempt more questions in the exam hall.

Set Your Daily Targets Clearly:

Fix your daily target at the beginning of your preparation. Many aspirants follow the path of random studying, but it is of no use. You should have a fixed study time and fixed hours, and your dedication should be high during the 1Z0-1045-22 exam preparation time. Work slowly and steadily regarding your daily goals and targets. It would be wise enough if you accomplished your daily goals. Study dedicatedly for two to three hours and improve your learning level with writing practice, notes making, etc.

Do Not Forget to Assess Yourself:

The self-evaluation process is a must to keep improving yourself, and material selection play an important role in the 1Z0-1045-22 exam preparation. Therefore, take online practice test attempts, where you stand in the exam preparation. You might be confident regarding the syllabus topics, but the real challenge is remembering every domain and facing the exam. Therefore check your preparation level through the 1Z0-1045-22 practice test. You will get the actual exam experience and will earn insights regarding your preparation through rigorous practice.

What Is Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud?

Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud is a solution that introduces a new paradigm in supply chain execution solutions. It offers the user robust extended warehouse management functionality at a significantly lower total cost of ownership. Oracle WMS Cloud has mobile solutions, innovative capabilities, and an easy-to-use browser interface. It is a highly configurable solution for rapid, cost-effective implementation with the added structure to evolve and change with your business.

Benefits of Using Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud?

Automation Allows Increased Scalability:

Oracle Warehouse Management Automation Cloud works in an effective way to connect the Oracle Warehouse Management Enterprise Edition Cloud with the warehouse control systems of the automated facilities. The dynamic solution enhances efficiency, increases the scalability of warehouse operations, and the ability to serve customers faster. Oracle Warehouse Management Automation Cloud Service offers a series of APIs to achieve communication between the WCS and the Oracle WMS Cloud operations that work around it.

Greater Visibility into the Work Field:

Oracle Warehouse Workforce Management Cloud offers warehouse managers greater visibility into the operations and workforce to reduce labor inefficiencies, raise overall performance, and enhance accuracy. Oracle Warehouse Workforce Management Cloud combines key performance indicators (KPIs) that manage and track workforce performance based on quantifiable targets. With the easy-to-use, configurable user interface and radio frequency (RF) functionality used by warehouse operators, Oracle Warehouse Workforce Management Cloud helps to maximize the efficiency of warehouse and in-store operations and in turn, the entire supply chain.

Bottom Line:

Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud is the only solution that allows the user to reliably and efficiently manage the wine inventory and warehouse operations. The effective use of the solution creates the need for certified candidates. Therefore, grab the 1Z0-1045-22 certification for a lucrative implementation professional career.

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