1Z0-1042-21: Proven Study Tips & Tricks to Become Oracle Cloud Platform Application Integration 2021 Specialist

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What study materials work best for passing the 1Z0-1042-21 exam? Should you enhance your knowledge with sample questions, after finishing the exam syllabus? Learn more on exam preparation through this article.

Overview of the 1Z0-1042-21 Certification:

A 1Z0-1042-21 certified Oracle Cloud Platform Application Integration 2021 Specialist proves his knowledge to use and configure Application Integration services.

What Do You Learn from the 1Z0-1042-21 Certification?

Candidates who earn the certification are familiar with Application Integration & Process automation using Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC), Oracle Cloud Application Integration basics, API Platform Cloud Service, and Service-Oriented Architecture Cloud Service. The certification validates understanding of Oracle Application Integration to implement these Cloud services.

Tips & Tricks to Pass the 1Z0-1042-21 Exam:

Learn about the Exam Structure:

Learning about the exam structure would help the aspirant plan for the exam in a more productive manner. The multiple-choice based 1Z0-1042-21 exam asks 55 questions, and the aspirant needs to get a 66% mark to pass the exam. Analyzing the exam structure at the beginning and registering yourself with Pearson Vue would help have an organized approach towards the exam preparation.

Have a Good Grasp of the Exam Syllabus:

Covering the exam topics from the core plays a vital role because it decides how many questions one can attempt during the actual exam. There are multiple online and offline resources available to get ready for the 1Z0-1042-21 exam. Do not hurry while covering the syllabus topics. Take on two to three topics daily and learn the maximum information through writing practice.

Fix Your Study Hours:

Fixing a schedule helps to manage your daily work life and exam preparation with ease. Though it seems a bit difficult, try to study simultaneously daily, for a focused approach regarding exam preparation.

Use Sample Questions to Widen Your Knowledge:

Should you stop yourself at learning from the syllabus topics only? Exploring different sample questions, mock tests, and videos create greater possibilities for getting familiar questions in the exam hall. Therefore, keep learning more through different material searches and exploring online.

Join the 1Z0-1042-21 Training:

Taking training is vital regarding exam preparation. Getting an IT certification needs theoretical as well as practical knowledge. You can get theoretical knowledge through study, but training helps to enhance the practical knowledge. You might join one of the following training:

Oracle Cloud Platform Application Integration 2021 Certified Specialist

Oracle Application Development Cloud Services Learning Subscription

Enroll for the 1Z0-1042-21 Practice test:

Practicing online is an excellent tool for knowing the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate. Through rigorous practicing, a candidate develops the habit of facing the actual exam. Solving the time-based questions helps them learn time management and attempt the maximum number of questions during the actual exam. Therefore, join the 1Z0-1042-21 practice test online and boost your confidence.

What Is Oracle Integration Cloud?

Oracle Integration Cloud is a unified platform where the user can integrate and create applications, seamlessly automate processes, and analyze results. The multichannel platform comprises an extensive library of adapters between Oracle and third-party SaaS and on-premise applications that allow the user to integrate and deliver new business services quickly and easily.

Oracle Integration Cloud blends application integration, business process automation, and end-to-end monitoring into a flawless unified solution. OIC keeps the user moving, so businesses keep on growing.

Some Benefits of Using Oracle Integration Cloud:

Faster Connections:

Keep the business connected using prebuilt integration flows and run-ready application connectors while using Oracle Integration. These quick integrations reduce time-consuming manual methods so that the user can focus on matters that are important.

User Interface Is Simple:

Manual methods are gone with. The user can select which applications they like to connect with and choose a prebuilt integration flow or let OIC’s machine-learning-based application perform the integration for him.

Get Equipped:

Oracle Integration Cloud helps to integrate the applications with humans and robots, allows to build visual interfaces, and get end-to-end monitoring.

Safe & Secure Platform:

Oracle Integration Cloud is the most secure, scalable, and available platform for the most important and time-sensitive integrations and applications. OIC is blended with physical security, operating system security, virtualization layer security, and tenant isolation.

Bottom Line:

Getting certified means, you are getting equipped with powerful new tools and technologies and exploring a specific vendor's new solution. Passing the 1Z0-1042-21 exam allows a candidate to work with Oracle Integration Cloud and grab a better place in the career field. 

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