Oracle 1Z0-462 Certification Sample Questions and Answers

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1Z0-462 Sample Questions:

01. Which one of the following accurately describes WebCenter Sites?
a) an Records Management solution with smart WYSIWYG authoring, a preview environment, and publication workflows
b) a Content Management System (CMS) that is complete with a delivery platfom, to manage multiple business sites
c) a .NET development platform with a high performance caching architecture
d) a commerce site management solution to deliver multichannel, multibrand, and multilingual websites
02. How can you specify where theGlobal Gadget CatalogInterface is to be enabled?
a) You can enable this during the Gadgets application installation process
b) By changing the cs_site property in GadgetsApplication.xml
c) By changing the cs_site property in futuretense_xcel.ini file
d) By defining/editing cs_site property from Admin application of Admin Site
03. You are deploying Web Center Sites usingOracle technology.Which two componentsare required for aSites installation?
a) Oracle Database
b) Oracle WebLogic Server
c) Oracle Coherence
d) Oracle Identity Manager
e) Oracle WebCenter Content
04. When you want to cache aCSEIement explicitly, you need to:
a) create an external dependency for the element
b) create a SiteEntry for the element
c) add the <ics :enablecache/> tag to the element
d) add the <ics :explicitcache/> tag to the element
05. To reproduce an environment, which two backups are required at a minimum?
a) cold backup of the database schema
b) backup of the WebCenter Sites shared file system
c) backup of the WebCenter Sites web applications
d) backup of the Webserver configuration files
06. Before an asset can be published, it must be approved. Which three arevalid ways to approve an asset?
a) manually approving the asset with a SQL script
b) using the "Approve Multiple Assets" option for the Publish destination
c) manually approving by clicking the Approve icon on the asset toolbar
d) when the asset is in workflow, where the final step is approval
e) configuring the publish destination for Auto-Approve
07. Which three statements are true aboutflex assets?
a) Flex asset types are part of an asset type structure called a flex family and therefore, can be made up of a pool of attribute assets for that flex family.
b) A flex family can have only one flex asset type.
c) The parent asset values inherited by a flex asset are stored in one of the flex asset type tables instead of the parent asset type tables.
d) Attribute data is stored in records instead of columns in the database table so that they can be changed without editing the structure of the database table.
e) Attribute editors and flex filters can be used but not named associations.
08. In Community-Gadgets,if you have not set any valuesin the Authorized domain,which statement is true?
a) Community widgets or Gadgets cannot be deployed on any web pages in any domain.
b) Community widgets or Gadgets can be deployed on any web pages in any domain.
c) Community widgets or Gadgets can be deployed on any web pages in the same domain in which the Community-Gadgets production application is running.
d) Community widgets or Gadgets can be deployed only on web pages in the same domain in which the WebCenter Sites production application is running.
09. Identify two features that Global Site Foundation provides.
a) Pagelet authentication
b) Support for vanity URLs
c) Detailed page fragment analytics
d) Built-in 404 response for deleted assets
10. Which three are asset types?
a) Page
b) Attribute Editor
c) Start Menu
d) Page Definition
e) Workflow Process
f) Role



Answer: c


Answer: a


Answer: b, d


Answer: b


Answer: a, c


Answer: b, c, e


Answer: a, c, d


Answer: b


Answer: a, d


Answer: a, c, e

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