Oracle 1Z0-337 Certification Sample Questions and Answers

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1Z0-337 Sample Questions:

01. What are two true statements about Oracle Storage Cloud Software Appliance capabilities?
a) Supports third-party storage cloud services.
b) On chip encryption of files on your local hard drive before they are transported to be stored in the cloud.
c) Caches frequently retrieved data on the local host.
d) There is no additional charge to use it.
02. A Developer expressed interest in deploying a test environment on the Oracle Cloud. Where would you direct them?
a) To their assigned Oracle Sales Representative
b) The Oracle Technology Network (OTN) Oracle Cloud download
03. Identify the capability that is only available with a Dedicated Compute account.
a) Site-to-site VPN
b) You can extend your on-premises data center to burst to the cloud
c) You can restrict traffic to your instances by using security lists
d) You can create virtual machines using apps from Oracle Cloud Marketplace
e) On-chip query acceleration and memory decompression
04. A customer would like to run a legacy Oracle workload on a secure, pre-defined, isolated environment.. Which service would you implement in order to meet these requirements?
a) Oracle Compute Cloud Service
b) Oracle Virtual Cloud Service
c) Oracle Database Cloud Service
d) Oracle Storage Cloud – Archive Storage Service
e) Oracle Backup and Data Archive Cloud Service
05. What is the most important step to get started using the Oracle Storage Cloud Service?
a) Format your disks
b) Activate and verify the service
c) Create an NFS mount to the computer you plan to use
d) Register your DNS server
e) Associate a permanent public IP address with the instance
06. Which four characteristic of an instance can be determined by the machine image?
a) the RAM allocated to an instance
b) the size of the boot disk of the instance
c) the default users created on the instance
d) password-less access to the instance
e) packages installed on the instance
f) IP addresses allocated to an image
07. Your Oracle Storage Cloud service is provisioned at Oracle’s Chicago Data Center. Your Data Center is colocated with the Oracle Data Center in Chicago. There is a requirement to access the Oracle Storage Cloud service over a secure connection. Which service would you further utilize to accomplish that requirement?
a) Oracle Network Cloud Service – FastConnect Standard Edition
b) Oracle Network Cloud Service – FastConnect Partner Edition
c) Oracle Network Cloud Service – FastConnect Standard Edition & FastConnect Partner Edition
d) Co-located secure Oracle Network Cloud Service is only available from the Washington DC data center
08. When your customer runs the following cURL command:
curl -X POST \
-H "Content-Type: application/oracle-compute-v3+json" \
-H "Accept: application/oracle-compute-v3+json" \
-d "@storage_volume.json" \
They receive the following error message.
{"message": "User /Compute-identity_domain_ID/ is not
permitted to perform \"volume.add\" on storage/volume:/Compute-identity_domain_ID/"}
The storage_volume.json file contains the following information.
"size": "10G",
"properties": ["/oracle/public/storage/default"],
"name": "/Compute-identity_domain_ID/"
Identify three issues in the request.
a) Customer has exhausted the allocated resource
b) Customer has provided incorrect username
c) Customer has provided incorrect API endpoint
d) Customer has provided incorrect identity domain
e) The authentication cookie has expired
f) Customer has not provided all the required parameters in the storage_volume.json file
09. Which storage type would you use when provisioning an Oracle Database on Oracle Compute Cloud Service?
a) Object Storage
b) Hierarchical Storage
c) Block Storage
d) Unlimited Storage
e) Virtual Storage
10. Identify three key capabilities of Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Service.
a) it provides High Availability (HA)
b) it provides disk images in RAW format
c) it provisions computer hardware that is managed by the customer
d) it provides bare metal compute, high-performance storage, and non-blocking networking
e) it enables non-uniform memory access (NUMA)



Answer: c, d


Answer: c


Answer: e


Answer: a


Answer: b


Answer: b, c, e, f


Answer: a


Answer: b, c, d


Answer: c


Answer: a, b, d

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