Overview and Career Benefits of Oracle Database11g Certification

In today’s digital era, having a certification presents you a more desirable and attractive applicant whether it’s a new job or an in-house promotion. In a study carried out on Education and the Workforce, having a credible certification adds an average of 25% in pay scales.

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In this article, we will discuss what Oracle Database 11g certification is and it's career benefits because well-qualified, highly-proficient database professionals who can handle vital systems are in great demand all across the globe.

What is Oracle Database?

Oracle database is the primarily designed database for industry grid computing. It is the most adaptable and economical way to maintain information and applications. With this architecture, each developing system can be quickly claused from the pool of components. There is no requirement for crest workloads because capacity can be easily combined or reallocated from the resource pools as required.

Oracle Database 11g Certification

Oracle Database 11g is an entry-level, small-footprint database signified on the Oracle Database 11g Release 2 code base. It’s free to produce, expand, and distribute; expeditious to download; and simple to administer.

There are various types of Oracle database certifications are available, but Oracle Database 11g certification is the most important and beneficial certification for applicants.

List of Oracle Database 11g Certifications:

Career Advantages of Becoming Oracle Database 11g Certified

Oracle is the leading embedded database technology all over the world, and over 305,000 organizations trust Oracle database for their significant systems. And 97% of Global Fortune 500 organizations utilize Oracle software. Therefore the requirement for professionals who can administer critical systems has developed excessively, and they should have an Oracle Database certification in any one of the domains, to confirm their understanding and skills.

Oracle certification will help to develop your knowledge and obtain an advantage in the IT field and boosts your career prospects. Take advantage of the knowledge, skills, and recognition you obtain to better your job prospects, earn more money and become a more valuable employee.

Eventually, becoming Oracle certified teaches you how to perform complicated, hands-on activities through study, labs, and practice.

Why Oracle Database 11g Certification?

Oracle Database 11g certification is an improved version of the “Introduction to Oracle9i SQL” test. The content is more recent and comprises a set and conditional operators, which are missing in the older version. Therefore, you would be better by appearing for this test over the former.

Oracle Database 11g certification confirms your capabilities employing authentic-world, scenario-predicated questions that evaluate and challenge your ability to execute and complete.

How to Prepare for Oracle Database 11g Certification Exam?

If you have determined to take an Oracle Database 11g certification, then it is better to take recommended training courses. There are many centers available for Oracle certification certifications. Learning SQL introduction results in better understanding the remaining sections. Training and hands-on experience is the excellent preparation to clear the exam. For better results, you can take Oracle Database 11g Certification practice tests.

How to write Exam?

Once you have completed the preparation for the exam, you can take the exam. To write an exam purchase an exam voucher and reclaim it within six months. It is like a reward card. Once you are prepared, you can register it with external testing provider Pearson VUE, where you can take the exam online or at a Pearson VUE Test Center, or an Oracle Testing Center.


According to Oracle’s research, DBAs reported receiving a promotion, salary increase or other perks to their careers as a result of becoming certified. Become an Oracle database certified applicant to earn more money and to become a more valuable employee. Nowadays most of the top web development companies expecting certified applicants to gain, manage and document a convincing professional experience.

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