1Z0-1077-20: Ace the Oracle Order Management Cloud Order to Cash 2020 Implementation Essentials Exam to Enhance Customer Service

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What Certification Do You Earn after Passing the 1Z0-1077-20 Exam?

After passing the 1Z0-1077-20 exam a candidate becomes an Oracle Order Management Cloud Order to Cash 2020 Implementation Specialist and demonstrates his knowledge needed to use Order Management Cloud on a project.

The 1Z0-1077-20 certification proves that he can use Order Entry functionalities, make basic reports, set pricing strategies, set up shipping and fulfillment, use Configurator and create workspaces, and use Configurator Rules, Manage Price Lists, Matrices, and Tiers.

What Do You Learn through the 1Z0-1077-20 Certification? 

Candidates who earn the 1Z0-1077-20 certification can understand interfaces and implement Order to cash business methods. They can use different pricing functionalities, perform shipping-related inventory transactions. Up-to-date training and field experience are recommended.

Through the 1Z0-1077-20 certification knowledge, a candidate can improve profit margins, enhance customer service, and deliver orders faster. Oracle’s end-to-end, Omnichannel, order-to-cash solution blends orders across multiple systems, eases product configuration, enables global order promising and dynamic pricing.

Summary of the 1Z0-1077-20 Exam:

The Order Management Cloud Order to Cash Implementation Essentials exam is a multiple-choice type exam and consists of 58 questions. A candidate gets 85 minutes to take the exam and he must get 64% mark to pass the exam.

What Are the 1Z0-1077-20 Syllabus Domains?

The 1Z0-1077-20 exam deals with domains like-

  • Channel Revenue Management

  • Costing and Inventory Foundations

  • Oracle Pricing Cloud 

  • Oracle Configurator Cloud

  • Reporting and Analytics for Order Management

  • Advance Fulfillment and Integrations

  • Shipping 

  • Configure Orders 

  • Managing External Interfaces

  • Processing Constraints and Hold Codes

  • Change Management and Process Assignment

  • Order Orchestration

  • Order Transformation

  • Global Order Promising (GOP)

  • Oracle Order to Cash Cloud Overview

Use the Practical 1Z0-1077-20 Study Guide to Ace the Exam:

Take the First Practical Approach by Registering Yourself for the 1Z0-1077-20 Exam:

There are two methods of taking the exam. You can study first and then register for the exam, and the second way is to register first, get your exam date, and then getting ready for the exam within the time left from registration to actual exam day. Both ways have worked well for many candidates, but once you register early for your exam, you pay the fee and set the target to achieve the certification. Naturally, you work hard to earn the certification.

Set A Daily Routine:

Make a daily routine following the 1Z0-1077-20 syllabus. You can discover the exam syllabus from the official website. Setting a daily routine helps you to cover the exam topics without any hassle. Oracle exam topics are not percentage-based, but you can set a routine by following each domain's number of topics. Books are still one of the best resources to get ready for the 1Z0-1077-20 exam. Oracle Press releases books for every Oracle exam. A candidate must refer to the Oracle book for completion of the syllabus.

Daily study plays a vital role in helping you ace the exam. Take enough time of a minimum of two months and maximum according to your grasping speed to learn the topics theoretically and practically both.

You don’t need to study for 5-6 hours, but try to study for at least two hours daily to cover all syllabus domains. Writing down while studying could be highly beneficial for remembering the topics and completing the revision fast.

Join Oracle Training:

Oracle offers training to ace the 1Z0-1077-20 exam. You can find out the training from the official page and register yourself to learn from the experts.

Assess Yourself through Dumps Free 1Z0-1077-20 Practice Test:

An assessment is vital during your 1Z0-1077-20 exam preparation. Practice tests are one of the best resources to make you exam-ready. There are many 1Z0-1077-20 dumps available for your instant access. But it is always great to ignore dumps and assess yourself through the 1Z0-1077-20 practice test. Find out your strengths and weaknesses through practice exams and gradually boost your confidence to get a good mark.

How Could You Improve Customer Experience through the 1Z0-1077-20 Exam?

Offer Unified Customer Experience:

Get frictionless order orchestration and fulfillment by using end-to-end order flow methods across multiple ERP and existing order management systems. Generate the entire process from settlement to order capture and post-sales care.

Receive Complex Orders:

Enhance customer satisfaction by getting and validating orders online to ensure fewer processing exceptions and faster order performance. Orchestrate flawless ordering and complex product deliveries with connected services.

Fulfill with Flexibility:

Satisfy your customer demands with multiple fulfillment options such as back-to-back, configure-to-order, and drop-ship.

Make Better Decisions:

Solve changing market needs by easily configuring your own unique methods to innovate and make changes. Make improved decisions through end-to-end visibility and analytics on orders, inventory, shipments, invoices, and supply.

Manage Exceptions Smoothly:

Keep your customers happy by addressing at-risk orders in time to take corrective action. Gain real-time visibility into order status and conduct what-if analysis to evaluate and pick the best option.

Final Words:

When you are a specialist with Oracle 1Z0-1077-20 certification, the degree empowers you to get better job opportunities. Your subject knowledge allows you to take your organization to a higher level through your customer addressing knowledge. So, get certified and make customer services better.

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